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We truly believe there is something alluring about American-made furniture for everyone. To the manufacturer, it is the earthy smell of the wood and seeing that their hands are rough as a sign of their efforts. For those who work at the finishing shops, it is the wonder of seeing an unfinished masterpiece become whole. Then, as the furniture is loaded on to the trucks, the delivery men take great pleasure at meeting the hard-working businessmen who trust their services. As stores and customers finally get to witness the final product, they are drawn to the time, care, and soul that is put into the pieces they are surrounded by.


High-quality furniture sparks joy for the buyer and everyone involved. For this very reason, the Schwartz family began to witness an increasing demand for a more simple buying process. Having previous collective success with the furniture manufacturing industry, they devised a plan to develop a company that would simplify this process from start to finish. Crate N Elm LLC became the fulfillment of that dream.